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    Wenzhou clear chemical co., LTDFormerly known as the original state-owned qingming chemical factory in wenzhou。The chemical factory was founded in wenzhou qingming festival1942Years,Is one of the earlier domestic create fine chemical plant。2002Years7Enterprise in inheriting the existing advanced technology、Equipment and talent resources on the basis of the successful restructuring is a limited liability company,The following yearISO9001International certification。2005Years,Company XiQian new site,Located in wenzhou industrial park,Production and operation scale again on a new step,Now the company has developed into a across the country have great influence on food additives and epoxy resin curing agent professional production base。
    The company mainly produces to sorbitan fatty acid ester series(Plate series)、Polyoxyethylene(20)Sorbitan fatty acid ester series(Twain series)Food additives;In order toCMP410、Four hydrogen methyl benzene anhydride、Poly (sebacic anhydride based epoxy resin active toughening agent、As well as curing agent series productsPEG264Oleic acid ester、Castor oil polyoxyethylene ether、Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether etc give priority to the industrial surfactant series products。After years of efforts to improve technology content,And the institutions of higher learning、Scientific research institutions......

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  • Food emulsifier series

  • Epoxy resin curing agent series

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Wenzhou clear chemical co., LTD
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