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Introduction to the group

Guangdong grand group co., LTD., founded in light2000Years6Month,New will the city of light by the original electric power corporation by the joint stock cooperative system,Is a according to the construction of power supply and power engineering technology consulting services;Electrical products production and sales...

Company honor

From the big light group2000Years since its establishment,Past glory,Over the years,Group always bear in mind that corporate responsibility,Always keep highly consistent with the party and the government,No matter in adversity、Regardless of the condition good or bad,Always adhere to the country、To the society ...

The enterprise culture

Big bright group has been established,Has been attached great importance to enterprise culture construction,Continuously carrying out health、Civilization、Good worker life activities,For the enterprise culture、Civilization construction has made a positive contribution,To show the enterprise good image...

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Address:Jiangmen xinhui will state road east town92Number The phone:0750-6206699 Fax:0750-6206666 The