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Jiangxi light intelligent technology co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales、Services for the integration of equipment manufacturers,With great concentration is devoted to the development of test sample preparation test automation,20Years of experience“The light”The industry leading position in the field of solid mineral test sample preparation。
      Company is located in nanchang high-tech development zone,Covering an area of nearly50m。On-the-job employees200People,Accounts for professional and technical personnel among them50%,In the、Senior technical staff accounted for30%。

As the domestic with independent intellectual property rights test sample preparation test equipment brands,“The light”In order to improve the product quality as the foundation,Set up a complete set of quality rectification system suitable for their own development、The quality of service system、Quality assessment system and a series of standardized management,In2003Years passed“ISO9001:2000Quality management system”Certification。By the quality management department for quality information center,Master from raw and auxiliary materials、Spare parts warehouse to the finished product warehouse,From product sales outbound to the comprehensive quality of after-sales service feedback information。Through the data collection、To sort out、Summary、Statistics、Analysis,Form the evaluation target and improvement plan。Quality management department carried out in and out of the two ends,Monitor the process in the middle,Strengthen the management of spare parts quality level;At the same time,Strengthen the self-check products and processes、The absolute,Between section turn order inspection,Quality control personnel specially、Checking,Ensure that products are together100%To be qualified。

Companies always adhere to the“The independent innovation、The enterprise of science and technology”The management idea,The new technology、The development of new products in the leading position in the development of enterprises。With the listed one,Reserve a,Research and development of a new product for the target,Successively for more than hundred national patents,And in2009Years-2010Years has won“China's coal industry has won third prize of science and technology”、“The all-china federation of science and technology progress award”。The company actively introduce talents,A strong technical team organization,Attack division、Research and development,Spend a lot of money set up enterprise technology research and development center,Technology leader, general manager of He Wenli as jiangxi history first“The national coal standardization technology committee”Committee member,Successively68Time to participate in the relevant national standards and review。2011Years3Company to undertake drafting national standards projects《Coal sample in-house system technical conditions》In the work,It marks the enterprise standard has been upgraded to the national standard of light,“The light“The technical history recorded in the national coal industry authority,Become a technical leader in the industry。     

Enterprise technology research and development center also strengthen with tsinghua university、Zhejiang university、China university of mining and so on the domestic first-class research institutions of production-teaching-research combination,And pay attention to the technical communication with end users,In order to improve product development ability and innovation ability,Make it become the company's new product、The new technology“Incubator”。And get the user and consistent evaluation of authorities:"The light"As the industry leading enterprises,The“Test sample preparation technique”Made outstanding contributions to automation for the goal。

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