Xian cheng industrial automation equipment co., LTD

Xian cheng and industrial automation equipment co., LTD. Is located in xi 'an high-tech industrial development zone,Is an automation,With technical service as the core technology of high-tech enterprise。There isAGVAutomatic car navigation、Intelligent omnidirectional platform、The three main business of non-standard automation design。 The company independently designed and developed series of explosion-proof typeAGVHas been applied to space、Airlines、Missiles and other special environment,Bring brand-new application experience for industry customers,Greatly improve the level of personnel safety and hazard environment have created a new field of the application of intelligent explosion-proof handling robot。

Product information

  • Explosion-proof knapsackAGV

    Explosion-proof knapsackAGV Suitable for all kinds of places where contain dangerous explosive gas,This device can replace workers receiving material、Transshipment、Feeding of the work,Greatly improve the working efficiency,Drop...

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  • Explosion-proof lift forklift typeAGV

    Load:1500kg Lifting height:2200mm Overall dimensions:3170X1180X2100 Car body weight:1650kg Navigation mode:Magnetic navigation Explosion-proof grade:ⅡBT4 Speed:0-7...

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  • Roller drumAGV

    Technical parameters The rated load 100kg The running speed 0~40m/minMore adjustable Positioning accuracy ±10mm Climbing ability ≤3° Range 5km Operating mode Automatic navigation

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  • Omni-directional service platforms

    Technical parameters The rated load 500kg The running speed 0~5km/hMore adjustable Positioning accuracy ±10mm Obstacle ability ≤30mm Climbing ability ≤10% Range 10km Operating mode ...

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Business case

  • Remote isolated gating system

    Isolation type hydraulic gating system is used for pseudoplastic fluid polyurethane material pouring technology research of special equipment,Isolation type hydraulic gating system in order to improve the production capacity、Quality control...

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  • Skeleton oil seal automatic assembly line

    Equipment implementation function as follows: 1、The equipment can meet the customer3Models of product oil seal automatic suppression function, 2、Speed according to the production rhythm to realize automatic oil seal with judgment、Since oil seal...

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  • Molybdenum powder molding system

    Equipment used in powder metallurgy industry,Realize the quantitative feeding powdered materials,Automatic conveying and rod material forming technology and other automated production process,Effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers,...

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  • Satellite ground testing system

    Is mainly used in satellite antenna tracking capture communication experiment。 As national initiative to fill the domestic blank,Customer has been using this project application related technical awards。The system adopts advanced...

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